All room rentals require 

Gladish staff.


Our Rooms

Other Public Spaces

Our rooms are fantastic for parties, performances, dinners, receptions, sports practices/games and more!


Calendars show time available to rent the space. For time of event or additional information please e-mail  


For details about each room click the photos above. Size of event and room used determines how many Gladish staff are required. If alcohol is served proper permits and at least one additional Gladish staff member is required.

Contact for additional info.

Also feel free to view our list of room amenities

"Green Room" and Attached Dressing Rooms

The green room, a large room (1538 square feet), and its connected dressing rooms can be rented as a rehearsal room in conjunction with the auditorium, or it can be rented separately for meetings, workshops, or small catered events.  


Outdoor play area/Courtyard available to rent after 6pm weekdays and all day Saturday or Sunday.



All events on the Gladish property require Gladish staff onsite.

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