Thank you, Friends of Gladish for supporting Gladish Community and Cultural Center


I Go, You Go, We All Go Gladish!

Memories are made at Gladish Community and Cultural Center. Meaningful experiences add value to our lives. Gladish Community and Cultural Center offers beautiful historic spaces for activities to make our lives better and more enjoyable.


Each day early education activities help our young families grow together. Wellness programs offer individual and group classes to keep our patrons healthy. Art studios are available for people of all ages and abilities. Athletic groups enjoy the spacious gymnasium daily. Performing arts programs book regular events in our fabulous auditorium. Weddings and other family celebrations occur frequently at Gladish.


Recently a woman attending wellness classes told me she wouldn’t know what to do if Gladish were not here. Years ago she attended high school in this building and has wonderful memories of growing up with friends in Pullman. She shared her appreciation of being able to once again attend classes in this stimulating and vibrant community center today.


Your valuable contributions provide opportunities to enhance people’s lives each day in YOUR community center. Gladish Community and Cultural Center is thriving because of community support. Help us celebrate Gladish in 2017!


The Gladish building received a $25,000 grant from the Inland Northwest Community Foundation. This grant is awarded to the Friends of Gladish to restore the cracked and leaking decorative terracotta capstones and formal archways located on State Street. The terracotta restoration project is estimated to cost $44,000. This leaves $19,000 for the Friends of Gladish to contribute to this important enterprise.


Sections of our immense roof continue to leak. The cost to replace remaining roof sections is $176,000. Our proposed $130,000 grant application to the Washington State Historic Society Heritage Capital Projects was accepted and approved, ranking in eighth place! All thirty-three grant applications could be funded and are slated to be approved through Washington State legislation soon. We will have final notice about this grant award in June 2017. Since most grants require matching funds, everyone’s important contributions provided access to this grant opportunity!


Become a member in 2017! Add an extra donation if you can. Thank you very much for maintaining and advancing Pullman's community center. 












































Friends of Gladish is a 501 (C)3 non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible since no goods or services are provided in return for contributions. Gladish receives no state or federal funding.

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