-Pipe and Drape (black) $2 per foot; increments of 10 ft; 120ft available

-Portable Stage $25ea 4’x6’ section (12 sections available)

-Sound System in gym $50

-Upright Pianos $50

-Dance Floor (View Room) $100


-Light Board Dimming System in Auditorium $150 (or use house lights)

-Light Board Dimming system in Gym $100. (or use ceiling lights)

-Cyclorama cloth with colored lights $75

-$3.00 ea for gels on lights

-Follow Spots $50 each (2 available)

-Computer/Projectors with 3 screens $200

-Grand Piano in Auditorium $100


-Portable Sound system $50

-Digital projector $50

-Wireless walk around mike @ $30 (two available)

-Table linens $9 ea (if lost or damaged $30)

-Napkins $.50 ea (if lost or damaged $5)

-Additional cleaning $25hr

-Confetti clean-up $200

-Stain/spot removal depends on size and content $50 and up


Rental Info

-Room Rental Fees include tables and chairs. 

-Setup of tables and chairs is included if a floor plan is submitted.  If a floor plan is not submitted, Gladish will provide the chairs and tables within the event area.  

-Gladish staff must operate the lights, sound systems, sound boards and spotlights.

 -All events require at least one Gladish representative @ $25/hr. Staff hours are charged until the last person at the event has departed (includes cleaners and caterers).

 -Banquet permits are required for serving alcohol and the responsibility of the event organizer, not Gladish.  These can be obtained with a signed Gladish contract and a credit card online at




* Basic rental rates for all of the rooms include the items noted for each room; setup of available tables and chairs is included if you provide a layout diagram or specific directions.  All services should be requested prior to the event; additional fees may apply for services requested during the event. Rates are subject to change without notice. Payment of estimated cost for the event is due prior to the day of the event.



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